Colin Powell is quoted as saying, "A dream doesn't become reality

through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work."

Maria Fox knows this first hand. Her dream was in graphic

design, but her dream has turned into something she never

could have imagined. In 2004, Maria was reading through

and old 1950’s recipe book and got the idea to bring

back her family pickle recipe; this time with new

labels that Maria designed using her graphic design

background. Giving the pickles adorned with the original

Pickle Girl on the label as gifts to friends, the suggestions

started coming in to sell the pickles.  

The success of selling the pickles to friends and family sparked

something in Maria; something she couldn’t ignore.  She wanted to take

her pickles to the next level. Maria reached out to Lucas Manteca,owner

of The Red Store, and offered a tasting of her pickles to see if he would be interested in selling them. After the tasting, Lucas saw the potential not only in Maria and the pickles, but of producing a local novelty.  The novelty doesn’t end with pickles either.  Since Maria joined Lucas in the Bread and Butter Group in 2015, their partnership in business and creativity will breed not only pickles, but other products as well. Fans of the pickles can now look forward to sauces, jams, condiments, seasonings and more.

Not only can you purchase Pickle Girl Pickles at The Red Store and Little Store, as of Spring 2015, you can also find them on the menu! The pickles are used in many of the sandwiches at both locations. In addition to being used in Lucas’s businesses, Maria has also branched out, with the tremendous help of Lucas, and partnered with Cape May Brewing Company. She created three different varieties for them to choose from, using their beer of course. They had a hard time choosing just one of the three and asked for all of them! Not only that, there are now five pickle varieties using the local beer. These pickles also have a new label.  The newer, sassier, Pickle Girl is reminiscent of an almost Mad Men time period. 

Customers and co-workers along with locals and visitors can’t get enough of Pickle Girl Pickles.  They are the pickles for non-pickle lovers.  Get them to take home, or enjoy them on a Cubano sandwich.  Any way you enjoy your Pickle Girl Pickles, know that Maria Fox, the Pickle Girl herself, put her sweat, determination and hard work into making her dream a reality.

A Cape May novelty...